The Issues

Healthcare is a human right. We can cover everyone with:
  • Medicare-for-All universal healthcare now.
  • Everyone should be able to see a doctor, no matter their income.
Education is a human right. Let’s assure quality public education by:
  • Requiring public funding for K-12 schools only go toward public schools and their students.
    Ending standardized testing, which impedes our teachers and students from the important acts of teaching and learning creatively.
  • Extending Bankruptcy Law to cover education loans, because no one should be burdened with debt they cannot pay.
  • Making Public College and Universities free: everyone should be able to get a taxpayer funded public education without debt.
  • Forgiving and wiping away all student loan debt: public education is a public good and we should fund it that way.
Shelter is a human right. Let’s achieve housing for all by:
  • Developing innovative ways to increase the available supply of housing.
  • Designing new programs which would assure that people earning under $20 an hour can get assistance to keep their housing costs below 30% of their income.
  • Using tax, zoning and other tools to end housing segregation. All neighborhoods should be mixed income neighborhoods.
Prisoners are human beings. We must:
  • Ending prison slavery by repealing the exception clause from the 13th amendment.
  • Release the 39% of prisoners who pose no compelling public safety risk.
  • Close private for-profit prisons. No one should profit by locking people in cages.
To make these and many other policies achievable, we must
Get money out of politics. We need:
  • A constitutional amendment that ends corporate personhood and declares that money is not speech.
  • Citizen owned, publicly financed elections, so our politicians represent us.
David’s Positions on Further Issues

If you don’t see an issue you care about, contact David at or 803-448-3828 to let him know, and he will tell you his position and then hopefully update this page.


  • I believe in open borders and protecting refugees.
  • I fully support sanctuary cities and oppose discriminating against any immigrants based on their religion.
  • We need to create ways for undocumented immigrants already here to become citizens. They are already members of our communities.

Jobs, Infrastructure, Energy, and Climate Change

  • Climate change is the greatest threat to the survival of humanity, and we must work together to guarantee a livable planet for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.
  • We need a WWII style overhaul of the economy to rebuild our energy sector and infrastructure that will fight climate change, move our country completely to renewable energy, and make our society sustainable. This is a gigantic and badly needed jobs program.
  • Nuclear power is not a clean energy. We must end the building of new and in-progress nuclear plants, like the reactors currently under construction in Jenkinsville.
  • We must keep all fossil fuels in the ground and must stop building all oil and gas pipelines, like the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Keystone XL Pipeline, and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.


  • I am for peace and will vote No on any war authorization that comes before Congress.

Racial Justice

  • We must end white supremacy. I full support the Movement for Black Lives, and I say without equivocation: Black Lives Matter.

Social Security

  • Social Security is one of the greatest programs ever created by a government. We must eliminate the $127,200 wage cap to guarantee that all wages are taxed for Social Security.
  • I also advocate taxing investment income to guarantee Social Security into perpetuity.


  • We have socialism of the rich and plunder of the poor in this country. We must raise taxes on the wealthy and multi-national corporations to fully fund and expand social programs that benefit poor, working-class, and middle-class Americans.
  • We need a universal basic income and one way of achieving this is through a Negative Income Tax to empower the poor.
  • We also need a Maximum wage by creating a new top tax bracket that is taxed at 100%.

Trans Rights

  • Trans people exist and have human rights, this means equal access to public accommodations including public restrooms.

Women’s Rights

  • Women have complete control of their own bodies. The difficult decision to end a pregnancy should be made by a woman and her doctor.
  • We need equal pay for equal work.

Workers’ Rights

  • We need a federal $15 an hour minimum wage pegged to inflation. I fully support the Fight for $15 and a union.
  • All workers must have the human right to join a union.