The Issues

Healthcare is a human right. We can cover everyone with:
  • Medicare-for-All universal healthcare now.
  • Everyone should be able to see a doctor, no matter their income.
Education is a human right. Let’s assure quality public education by:
  • Requiring public funding for K-12 schools only go toward public schools and their students.
    Ending standardized testing, which impedes our teachers and students from the important acts of teaching and learning creatively.
  • Extending Bankruptcy Law to cover education loans, because no one should be burdened with debt they cannot pay.
  • Making Public College and Universities free: everyone should be able to get a taxpayer funded public education without debt.
  • Forgiving and wiping away all student loan debt: public education is a public good and we should fund it that way.
Shelter is a human right. Let’s achieve housing for all by:
  • Developing innovative ways to increase the available supply of housing.
  • Designing new programs which would assure that people earning under $20 an hour can get assistance to keep their housing costs below 30% of their income.
  • Using tax, zoning and other tools to end housing segregation. All neighborhoods should be mixed income neighborhoods.
Prisoners are human beings. We must:
  • Ending prison slavery by repealing the exception clause from the 13th amendment.
  • Release the 39% of prisoners who pose no compelling public safety risk.
  • Close private for-profit prisons. No one should profit by locking people in cages.
To make these and many other policies achievable, we must
Get money out of politics. We need:
  • A constitutional amendment that ends corporate personhood and declares that money is not speech.
  • Citizen owned, publicly financed elections, so our politicians represent us.