David’s Videos

We Must End Slavery in Our Prisons

We have the largest prison population in the world, and we force these prisoners (many of whom should not be in prison) to labor for little to no wages. This is slavery. We must end slavery in our prisons and repeal the exception clause from the 13th amendment. We must also shut down private, for-profit prisons. Let’s end these crimes against humanity. I will call for congressional hearings as your US congressman from South Carolina’s fifth congressional district.

We Need Affordable, Sustainable Housing

People who make $20/hour or less in this country can’t afford their housing costs. It is particularly bad in South Carolina, where even average renters’ housing costs cut into their food budgets. Shelter is a human right and we need affordable, sustainable housing. Let’s subsidize low income earners housing costs and expand affordable housing options. Help us turn South Carolina district 5 Green!

Public Education Is a Public Good and We Should Fund It that Way

Public education in this country is under attack by politicians in both parties. I believe that public education is a public good, and in this video I tell you about five things we can do to protect public education for ourselves and our children. Let’s end standardized testing, wipe away student loan debt, and more. Help us turn South Carolina district 5 Green!

We Need Medicare-for-All Universal Healthcare Now!

The Republicans are working to destroy Obamacare and the results are unacceptable. We also need a system better than Obamacare as healthcare costs continue to skyrocket. Let’s fight for medicare-for-all universal healthcare. Help us turn South Carolina district 5 Green!

David Files to Run for Congress!

The website and social media are up and running for our campaign, and on Friday, we headed down to Columbia to officially file the paperwork. We are now ready to take donations, so head over to votekulma.org to join the campaign and help turn SC 5 Green!

David Kulma Is Running for Congress in South Carolina!

David Kulma is running in the 2017 special election for Congress in South Carolina District 5 for the Green Party. Donate and sign up to volunteer at http://votekulma.org/. Help us turn SC5 Green on June 20th, 2017!